Monday, May 11, 2009

The Light and How Not to Let it Swing You

Less is more
When I first was brainstorming this still very-much-in-progress blog, I wanted to name it "The Light and How Not to Let it Swing You" as a pun on my switch from holy priest to retribution paladin. A very wise woman in the wow ladies mirc convinced me that "Swings Both Ways" was both more succinct and intruiging. Here's to hoping that she is correct.

The title of this blog seeks to address the now more important than ever issue of role switching in the wonderful World of Warcraft. I had decided that I wanted to discuss this issue before 3.1 was a twinkle in our eye. Dual spec is something I would like to explore on a number of levels, as well as people like myself who find solace in alts that become new mains.

Assuredly other topics will emerge, such as class specific things, issues with women/gender as well as sexuality in WoW. Hopefully any reader base I manage to rez within this blog will bear with my meanders and probable hops in topic. If there is something interesting to you, I wouldn't mind hearing of it myself!

As a closer I would be interested in how to allow this niche-esque topic line to exist without getting terribly boring and/or too specific. Many people are experiencing growing pains in WoW like they never have before. As players we can soothe and ice them together.



  1. Welcome to the WoW blogging community. Best of luck in your endeavor. Let me know if I can be of assistance.


  2. Hello and welcome!

    Love the title and I'm looking forward to your insights.

  3. Welcome!

    Looking forward to what i can learn about other classes other than my own.

    Used to have a Pali but never leveld it higher than around 26ish. Good to hear what i could be missing.

    Please take the time to have a look at my blog I love feedback cause i'm always striving to improve.

    Need anything, just ask.